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Welcome to Church Access

Ministry Made Easier

Church Access gives you the ability to manage your church administration easily and efficiently.


With technology increasing at a rapid pace, we have provided a means to take advantage of the fast paced information age, so that you may have all the information you need available to you quickly and easily!


Church Access is a tool that you will use on a frequent basis to keep you constantly informed of the activities within your church. From church growth to geographical location of believers/visitors, you will be constantly kept abreast  of what is happening in your ministry.


Church Access is ideal for any sized congregation. You will have at your finger tips information that will help you serve the needs of your congregation.

Stay In Touch 

Our stay in touch approach to Church Access ensures that through your interaction with members you will easily find their contact details in sight.


This enables you to call or email members quickly.  All member information is easily accessible from the start. You have a telephone book that lists all contact details of members. The basic design allows you to quickly get in contact with leaders and assistants for various departments and home cells etc.. Work details, email addresses are available to you as quickly as you can click.


Using spreadsheet and word processing technology you are able to generate parish rolls, membership lists, SMS contact list, email lists, envelopes and labels for posting mail. All of this is designed for you FREE and customized to suit your specific needs.

It's All About People 

Church life is about the people. We have ensured that this theme remains strongly evident throughout Church Access. Keeping in contact with members during their birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other important dates will add that personal touch to the administration of your church.


A visitation reminder also pops up when you open Church Access, so that you know which visitations are upcoming by yourself or your visitation teams. Telephone numbers are also included so you do not have to go elsewhere in order to contact the member scheduled for a visit.


Use the reports to generate forecast of birthdays and wedding anniversaries to print or mention for  your weekly notices. Record baptism and confirmation dates for parishioners.

Seamless Integration With Your PC 

Church Access offers you seamless integration with your existing applications. Using popular office applications you can automate the lengthy tasks like mail merging and reporting.


Every church has its own specific needs in terms of reporting, therefore Church Access was designed to be closely tied with current office applications, to help you get the most out of your church's information. All the information in Church Access can be presented to you in a report that you choose based on the data that you want! From there you can format and manipulate the data according to your needs, and there is NO  charge for this!

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Any more questions, please call, email, fax, SMS, message online, and anything you need to know will be answered.