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Versions for Various Denominations

As we are continuously improving Church Access to suite the needs of the local assembly we often receive requests to customize Church Access for use in a particular denomination of Church.

This list will provide you with features that have been added to Church Access to suite specifically the needs of the respective denomination of Church. We also encourage you to send in your comments, queries and ideas as to how we may improve Church Access to better help you in your administrative needs.


Updates Completed
  • Attendance register for home cell meetings, Sunday Worship Service, Department and other meeting.
Catholic, Anglican  
  • Parishioner Contribution Numbers. This allows for number to be assigned to parishioner so that confidentiality is maintained when recording the contributions that are given.
  • Report: Reports to show parishioner with or without contribution numbers.
  • Parish Roll
  • Annual Statistical Report information added. This allows for easier generation of Annual Report for Lutheran Church.
  • Includes attendance for adults and children for meetings, membership decrease and increase counts, and items for pages 1-6 of Annual Report.
  • Reporting on these items are available as well.
Should there be a specific function that you want to query, please email us and we will get back to you. Please review the Product Guide for more information.